From Russia with Love

One of my Dad's best friends, Michael Breen, is about to undergo a massive endeavor by traveling all the way to Moscow for stem cell treatment.. Michael has been living with MS for over 35 years and this treatment could significantly improve his standard of living. Full details about Michael and the treatment can be found here:


As a way of trying to help with his fundraising efforts, I decided to put together a band featuring some of NYC's finest musicians (and me..!). We recorded a cover version of From Russia with Love, from the Bond film of that name. An excerpt of the track can be found at the top of the page.


If you'd like a copy of the song, please donate some money (anything over £2) to Michael's GoFundMe campaign by clicking the link above. You can then either forward your email receipt or a screenshot of your donation on the page itself to my email address and I'll send you a studio quality wav file of the recording - if you previously donated, then of course that counts too. Here's my email:

Please also check out the musicians involved, who each donated their time and talents to this worthy cause!

Dafney - Vocals

Trifon Dimitrov - Bass

Rossen Nedelchev - Drums

All the best, Michael - you're a fantastic guy and I really hope that this can help improve your standard of living on the day to day and allow you to enjoy many more currys and rugby days with my dad!